Ansultech Fire Systems Ltd (Zambia) opened its doors in 2000. The company is part of the Lusanga Group of Companies with offices in Chingola, Lusaka and Kitwe. Ansultech Fire Systems SARL (Democratic Republic of Congo) was registered in the DRC and started operations in 2013. The DRC Branch has offices in Lubumbashi and Kolwezi.

Ansultech currently services and maintains 1300 vehicle fire suppression systems throughout Zambia, and is the only Zambian based company authorised to install, service and maintain the ANSUL LTA-101 vehicle fire suppression systems. The authorisation has been obtained directly from Tyco International and Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (RSA).

TYCO Group is the largest fire protection group in the world solving fire protection needs since 1939 which includes inter alia; ANSUL®, Grinnel, Total Walther, Macron and Wormald. With this alliance we have access to the most advanced fire fighting products in the world.

Ansultech Fire Systems LTD employs 105 Fire Suppression Technicians with 13 field service vehicles. Ansultech offers a 24hour service to all clients and full time onsite crews to remote sites; this is to reduce the standing time of equipment booked down for fire related down time.

Our vision

“Ansultech is to be the largest fire Solutions Company in Africa”

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • State Owned Enterprises
  • Industrial

Our purpose has two elements to it:

Our intangible offering that truly differentiates us; and our tangible offering, which is our superior product and service offering.

We believe that a sound organisational culture will inspire our people to higher levels of accountability and encourage them to assume more responsibility for outcome rather than for mere activity. Given the importance of Safety and Protection this is a non-negotiable.

Our value


Believing in possibilities and driving to realise potential and wanting our customers being proud to be associated with us.


Consistently exceeding expectations and inspiring others through our disciplined approach to work.


Being loyal to our suppliers and business partners.


Working in a fair and values based way. Respect starts with us and by living our values set we will uphold our Integrity.


Continuously collecting and generating innovative ideas to improve on our solution offering for our customers.


Culture all of our employees at all levels and enjoy a measure of freedom to use their own initiative to contribute towards Ansultech’s vision and to live our values. Through this we have staff that want to work for us rather than being necessity driven. We believe that a sound organisational culture will inspire our people to higher levels of service delivery.

Products and services

With internationally trained installers/service technicians we offer a 24 hour service throughout the year including all holiday periods with our technicians on a 24 hour standby as well as permanent on site representation. In addition to the above, we also supply, install and service the


  • All Fire rescue and support equipment
  • ANSUL hand portable and mobile firefighting equipment
  • ADVANCED FST foam fire suppression systems
  • ASEX foam vehicle fire suppression systems – Locally Manufactured
  • WORMALD foam vehicle fire suppression systems
  • Engineered fire suppression systems (FM200, Argonite, Inergen and CO2)
  • Smoke Aspiration Systems (Vesda)
  • Full Range of local Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire detection and control systems (Fire Class Ziton and Technoswitch)
  • Full Maintenance and Service of all the above.

Ansultech are the official distributors for ANSUL® vehicle fire suppression systems. Equipment loss, downtime, increased insurance rates and personal injury are often the results of fires involving vehicles. Extinguishing vehicle fires are exactly what the Ansul, Wormald & Kidde systems were designed for. For 24-hour automatic fire detection we add a Control Panel with Detection Circuitry and Automatic Actuation System. Vehicle fire suppression systems are commonly used in Africa by major mining houses and various other sectors.

ANSUL® systems available:

  • LTA-A-101 Fire Suppression Systems
  • A-101 Fire Suppression Systems
  • LTA-A-101 Bulk Fire Suppression Systems
  • Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems
  • Ansul® Fire Extinguishers

Other products and services available:

  • Red Line and Century Fire Extinguishers
  • Clean Guard Fire Extinguishers – With DuPont FE-36
  • Wheeled/Mobile Fire Extinguishers
  • Twin – Agent Hose Line Fire Suppression Systems
  • Re – engineered Dry Chemical Piped Systems
  • Inergen, Argonite and other gaseous SystemsSpill Control Equipment
  • Fire Proofing – Industrial/Mining/Building
  • Fibre Glass Fire equipment cabinets


The product range is designed and produced to the highest possible specification and is manufactured within a Quality Controlled environment to IS0 9002.

Approvals/listings include: UL [Underwriters Laboratories], FM [Factory Mutual], ULC [UL Canada], DOT [Department of Transport], SAA [Standards Australia], LYDS [Lloyds of London], and many more.

Other services

  • Replacement components for Safe Quip Extinguishers and Vehicle Fire Systems
  • Fire hose & related delivery equipment
  • Fire Risk Surveys by independent consultant
  • Fixed Fire Detection Systems
  • Official installer of Fire Class and Techno Switch
  • Fire Class Ziton Vesda and many other existing and new fire detection systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Ansul developed the first restaurant fire suppression system over 30 years ago. Since then, constant research, testing, evaluation and refinements have led to today’s state-of-the-art systems. Both the R102 and Piranha restaurant systems utilise Ansulex low Ph liquid fire suppressant.

The Ansul Kitchen System is actuated manually by pressing an activation switch or

automatically by fusible links located above the cooking appliances.

The links melt during a fire, causing a cartridge to fire propelling gas into the Ansulex liquid agent tank. The distribution piping system carries the agent to nozzles located above the cooking appliances, in the flue above the filters, and in the duct above the plenum.

Electronic Fire Detection and Control Systems

Fire detection systems provide constant monitoring and, therefore, early warning, to minimise the losses and liabilities associated with fire. This prevents damage to property and products, loss of life, financial loss, consequential loss of profit, loss of productivity and insurance repercussions.

There are different types of electronic fire detection systems and accessories to suit every situation, ranging from small office installations to large scale warehousing and mining applications.

There are essentially two different types of fire detection systems: an addressable system is able to pinpoint the location of each and every detector and other devices, where a conventional system only differentiates between zones. A selection of application-specific detectors can be utilised on either system. Detectors include optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, linear detectors, beam detectors, gas detectors, aspiring air sample detectors and many more. Fire detection systems are widely used in offices, hotels, warehouses, factories and mines, to name a few.

Red Line and Sentry Fire Extinguishers

The Red Line range is a robust. High performance hand appliance used worldwide by high-risk industries such as Catex, Exxon and BP for protection of their inland and offshore production facilities. The unit is manufactured to be used in remote areas where field-recharge does not require special tools or equipment. Due to high quality materials and thorough engineering, we have immense confidence in the products to extent that we offer a limited 12-year warranty.

When economy and performance are equally important, stored pressure extinguishers are a viable option. Designed for light-medium use, the Sentry extinguishers are quality tested with the same care that Ansul puts into its rugged Red Line cartridge-operated


Wheeled/ Mobile Fire Extinguishers

Wheeled Fire extinguishers are specifically designed and built for the protection of hazardous areas where large fires could occur. They combine high mobility and single- person operation with increased flow rate, discharge times and range. They are available as both mobile and stationary units.

Value added services


Micon FLAMSAYF 325 is a fire retardant mastic (coating) with excellent insulating

properties designed to stop fire propagation along electrical cables. Micon FLAMSAYF 325 is also used in the construction of passive fire protection of cable/service penetration seals to prevent the spread of flame and toxic gases through service openings.


Ansultech’s main markets still remain in the Mining, Construction and Industrial sectors with a predominant focus on vehicles and fixed systems within sub Saharan and West Africa boasting Blue Chip Customers. Our strengths lie in technical expertise and capability, committed staff, Industry knowledge, geographic presence which in turn enable us to select the best possible products and systems for the various industries ensuring prompt and accurate response to our clients being the forefront of service. Some of our clients include:

  • ARRD Mining Equipment
  • Atlas Copco
  • tyco
  • bhpbilliton


  • Southern Sun
  • Taj Pamodzi
  • Radisson Blu
  • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
  • Protea hotels Marriot


  • Shoprite
  • NWK
  • Novare Great North Road
  • Novare Pinnacle
  • Novare Twin Palm
  • Builders Warehouse
  • Games Stores

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