Fire safety equipment

Ansultech Fire Systems supplies an extensive range of fire extinguishers, foam and smoke aspiration fire systems, alarms as well as vehicle fire suppression systems. Their team of experienced engineers is able to identify your requirements and advise on the most effective fire fighting products for you.
An agent for reliable brands of fire protection and detection equipment
Keep people safe and damage to property to a minimum
Efficient solutions to your needs in fire protection
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Fire equipment inspection and testing

With fire fighting equipment and systems as your first line of defense, professional inspection, testing and maintenance is cardinal. You can engage Ansultech Fire Systems to periodically inspect your extinguishers and control systems to reduce the risk of damage to your facility, injuries to your employees and customers as well as fines for fire code noncompliance.
Professional fire fighting equipment inspection and maintenance
Ensure your fire equipment is properly placed, recharged and operational
Avoid fines for fire code noncompliance
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Vehicle fire system maintenance

With direct authorisation from Tyco International and Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies (RSA), Ansultech Fire Systems offers 24hour installation and maintenance services for ANSUL LTA-101 vehicle fire suppression systems. The company is committed to provide a “one stop service” for customers within the construction, mining and industrial sector.
ANSUL LTA-101 vehicle fire suppression system maintenance
105 fire suppression technicians with 13 field service vehicles
Company caters for mining houses and various other sectors
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